Papelosophie Custom Design Label
IfΒ  while browsing through our Collection you haven’t found a design that fully represents you or the aesthetics that you’re trying to achieve for your wedding, then creating a custom design is the way to go. I would love to hear your ideas, see your inspiration pictures and work closely with you in order to achieve the style and look that perfectly completes your wedding day. Please keep in mind that I’m only able to take on a limited number ofΒ custom design projects each month, so I recommend you reaching out in advanceΒ in order to secure your spot in our calendar (this doesn’t mean that we have toΒ start working on your suite right away if you’re not ready yet, it just meansΒ that you have time blocked in my calendar in a specific month that we willΒ commonly agree upon). The custom design involves an additional design fee that can varyΒ anywhere from 200 up to 500 euro based on the complexity of your project andΒ the amount of time I estimate it will take to complete. The design fee includes a set budget for fonts and art that needs to be purchased (licences). This only applies for fonts that are not in our collection and for art purchased outside of our subscription art platforms. The budget will be communicated to you when you will receive the Custom Design Fee. The Custom Design Fee is inΒ addition to the production costs that will be calculated separately based onΒ the quantity, printing method, accessories and any other materials used for theΒ production of your stationery.Β While we’re usually able to stay close to our collection prices for theΒ production of custom design suites, there might be variations based on theΒ different supplies needed for a custom project. Maybe you will decide on usingΒ a special paper that is more expensive than what we usually use for ourΒ collection stationery, or a special color for the wax seal that is custom made,Β or some unique envelopes, and the list continues.

the process


The first step is to think about your wedding. Where will it take place, what is the theme if any, what design and aesthetics you like the most, if you have a color palette in mind, and of course, your budget. This would be a good time to reach out to your wedding planner if you have one, and discuss with them the event’s aesthetics and decor options. You can start creating a Pinterest board, or save some inspirational photos, whatever works for you to organize your ideas and inspiration but in a manner that would allow you to share them with us.Β 


Once you have a general idea about how your wedding will look like, it’s time to share that with us. We will discuss your ideas until we make sure we’re on the same page and we understand your vision in a way that will allow us to start working on a proposal.


Based on our initial discussion and your budget we will create a custom proposal with the elements for your suite, paper recommendations, printing method, embellishments, a general idea documented with pictures for the design and, of course, the quote for design and production. After you review and approve the proposal, we can start our collaboration. At this point we will send you the contract to sign, together with our terms and conditions for you to read and approve. You will have to pay the design fee so that we can book your project in our calendar and start working on your stationery. If you reach to us in advance and you’re not ready yet to start the design phase now, we can book it for a later time that we commonly agree on.


When everything is set and you have all the details, we will start working on the design for your stationery. This process can take between 10 and 20 business days based on the complexity of the design. Once we have it ready, we will send you a digital mock-up of the design for you to review. Please pay close attention to them and let us know if you need us to change anything. There are 3 revisions included in the cost of custom design. Please note that by reviews we understand adjustments of the initial design proposed, not a different new design. The reviews may take up to 3 business days to be addressed.


Once everything is perfect, we will ask for the final approval from you so we can proceed further with the production. After this point the design is locked and you will not be able to make any more changes. You will also have to pay the remaining balance for your order.


When we receive the remaining balance payment, we will start the production phase for your stationery. We will schedule the printing process and place the orders for the materials needed in the assembling phase. Once all the items arrive, we will start the assembling process. This phase is expected to last between 1-3 weeks for digital print and 3-5 weeks for letterpress and foil press printing methods. Please keep in mind that these are approximate time frames and might vary due to supplier’s availability, stocks, or the amount of work involved in the finishing touches, but we will let you know the time frames for any specific project during the consultation phase.