the collection guide

I know that deciding on the stationery for your big day can be a little bit overwhelming, but I’m here to help and guide you every step of the way. That’s why I created this Process Guide, that will help you better understandΒ how we work and how you can order your wedding invitations and stationery with us.


1. Browse through our collection

The wedding stationery collection was created in order to offer great design options at affordable prices. Browse through our suites and choose the model that best suits your style and event aesthetics.


2. Customization and embellishments

Every one of our collection suites comes with a small guide explainingΒ  the main customization options available for that specific design, such as: paper options, printing methods and sizes.Β Please make sure you read our collection guide for further customization and embellishment options.


3. Consultation

Once you’ve got a better idea on what you want, send us an e-mail and let us know of what you decided. We will answer any questions you might have and we will guide you through the customization process. Also, this is the moment when we create a customized quote for your entire suite, based on the paper options, printing method and the added embellishments.


4. Place your order

When everything is clear it is time to decide on the text and the quantity needed and place your order. At this point we will send you the contract to sign, together with our terms and conditions for you to read and approve. You will have to pay a 30% non-refundable advance once you sign the contract. The rest of the 70% remaining balance will be paid before the Production process begins.


5. Digital proofs and review

Within 3 business days from when the advance payment is received, we will send you the first round of digital proofs. Please pay close attention to them and let us know if you need to change anything You have 2 rounds of revisions included for the collection suites. It is also a good idea to ask a friend or family member to review them as well, a fresh pair of eyes could help spot any mistakes you and us might have missed. The reviews may take up to 2 business days to be addressed.


6. Final approval

Once everything is perfect, we will ask for the final approval from you so we can proceed further with the production. After this point the design is locked and you will not be able to make any more changes. You will also have to pay the remaining balance for your order.


7. Production process

When we receive the remaining balance payment, we will start the production phase for your stationery. We will schedule the printing process and place the orders for the materials needed in the assembling phase. Once all the items arrive, we will start the assembling process. This phase is expected to last between 1-2 weeks for digital print and 3-5 weekd for letterpress and foil press printing methods. Please keep in mind that these are approximate time frames and might vary due to supplier’s availability, stocks, or the amount of work involved in the finishing touches, but we will let you know the time frames for any specific project during the consultation phase.


8. Delivery

Once your order is finished, we make sure that everything is carefully packed and ready to be delivered. The shipping and customs (where applicable) costs are entirely the buyer’s responsibility. We will discuss with you the delivery options once we have the order packed, measured and weighted. Please keep in mind that we are located in South of Spain! The delivery times vary depending on the destination and the service used but are usually between 3 – 5 business days for Europe, 5 – 7 business days for US and Canada and, 7-15 business days for the rest of the world.Β Because we knowΒ  from experience that in each country and even for each individual address in the same country or province, there are shipping carriers that perform better than others, we discuss with you the optionsΒ  for the shipping carrier used to send your order so that we make sure we use one that works best in your area.



printing methods

digital print $

The most affordable and the fastest option for printing. It’s perfect for printing illustrations and multiple color designs as well as monochromatic designs. There are lots of paper options to choose from, either white or light colored cardstock, or even handmade paper.

Timeline: ~ 1 – 2 weeks for cardstock and ~ 3 – 4 weeks for handmade paper.


white ink $$

It’s a digital print technique that allows to print white ink on dark colored cardstock. It creates bold and modern finish for your stationery. You can find below, in the Paper Options section the colored cardstock options for this printing technique. If you need a color that is not listed below, please send us an e-mail and we’ll do our best to source it.

Timeline: ~ 2 – 3 weeks.


letterpress $$$

Letterpress printing is a vintage technique that requires a printing press and special plates of the design that presses the design onto the paper with a coat of ink. This technique leaves a gorgeous deep impression into the paper, impression that can be felt when running your fingers over the print. It can be printed on either cardstock or handmade paper. It can be used on light to medium colored papers.

Β Timeline: ~ 4 – 5 weeks


foil press $$$$

It’s a technique similar with letterpress printing because it also requires a special plate for the design that is then pressed using a foil press machine into the paper. The main difference is that with foil press, instead of using ink, the impression is made by pressing the plate onto a very thin sheet of metallic foil so that the design will be metallic (gold, silver, copper). It can be used on light, medium or dark colored papers.

Timeline:Β ~ 4 – 5 weeks.


paper options

Paper Options Papelosophie

card stock

Our standard card stock comes in color white, 300 gsm thickness and it has a gorgeous smooth texture. If you want your invitation to be printed on colored cardstock, there are several colors available for an additional fee of 25 € /color. There is also a selection of dark color papers suitable for white ink printing.


handmade paper

Our selection of Handmade Paper is carefully curated in order to meet the most exigent paper enthusiasts. It has a smooth and fluffy texture and natural deckle edges. It comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for digital and letterpress printing.


card shape options

If you want to step out of the ordinary and try something new with your wedding stationery, choosing different shapes for your pieces can be the way to go. Besides the usual “Classic Shapes” you can choose from ourΒ  “Arch Shapes”Β  or “Angle Shapes” options. You can also choose to combine shapes from all of our shape collections or just one of them, the possibilities are unlimited. Because cutting your stationery in other shape than the classic rectangular shape requires special manipulation of the design to fit the desired shape and special techniques and machinery for cutting, there will be a fee per piece for any of our “Arch Shapes” and “Angle Shapes”. You can find more details about the prices in the “Embellishments” section of our Pricing Guide.

Prices from 0.5 €/ unit


font options

Papelosophie Font Options

envelope options (included with the suite)

All of the Invitations and Save the Date cards have the envelope included in the price.

The envelopes you can choose from vary depending on the paper used for the cards, as follows:

For Save the Date cards and Invitations printed on cardstock orΒ seed paperΒ you can choose an envelope from our Standard Envelopes Collection.Β 

You also have the option to request an envelope from our On Demand Envelopes Collection for a flat fee of 25 € /order.


For Save the Date cards and Invitations printedΒ  onΒ  handmade paper you can choose from our Handmade Paper Envelope Collection.

signature envelopes

If you weren’t able to find the perfect envelope in our Envelope Collections included with the Suite, or you want an envelope with a more special color or texture, you have the option of upgrading to one of our signature envelopes made from our wide variety of carefully curated papers.

Prices from 1 € / unit.

envelope liners

I created a wide selection of envelope liners you can choose from in order to add a special touch to your envelopes.
From floral liners, art liners, flower pressed paper liners or japanese paper liners, you will for sure find something to perfectly complement your suite.Β 
The liners are custom made for the envelopes offered in our collection.

Prices from 0.75€ / unit.


floral liners

art liners

flower pressed paper liners


Wraps are the perfect way to hold together multiple cards in your invitation suite or simply add some extra texture or details to your suiteΒ while also help building up the expectation for your guests while they receive your invitations.

You can choose from a wide variety ofΒ  of vellum or special paper wraps. The vellum wraps can be either blank (not printed) or printed with one of the art print options available. There are also options of using japanese paper or flower pressed papers as your wraps.

Prices from 0.4 € / unit.


belly bands

Belly bands are another way of holding together multiple card suites, but a little more discreet because they letΒ  you see more of the suite from the beginning.
They can be printed either on cardstock (same color as your suite) or on vellum paper. Another way of embellishing them is with a wax seal that perfectly compliments the design of your suite.
Below are the customization options for the belly bands but you can also choose a custom message. The prints are made in the font and color chosen for your suite.

Prices from 0.4 € / unit.Β 


couple's names

wedding date

you are invited!

with love

wax seal

wax seals

Embellish your suite with a wax seal. You can choose from our existingΒ  stamp designs or we can make a custom designed wax seal stamp that will later on be delivered to you after we finish assembling all the pieces. You can use your wax seal stamp to personalize letters, Christmas cards, gifts etc.Β 
Below are the wax color options available. If you’re thinking of a specific color that is not in our collection, please let me know and I’ll do my best to source that color.

Prices from 0.75 € / unit.Β 


silk ribbons


The silk ribbons areΒ  the perfect way to add an elegant touch to your suite.
hey can be wrapped around an invitation, vellum jacket or envelope and tied or sealed with wax for a perfect finish.
Also, they can also be added to the day of stationery pieces or the vow books to make sure all your stationery pieces match up.

Prices from 0.75 € / unit.Β 


fine twine

Another delicate detail that you can add to your suite is a fine paper twine that can be wrapped around the invitation, the vellum wrap, the envelope, or any other stationery piece. It can be closed with a classic knot, a bow, or a wax seal and it adds such a special touch to your suite.

Prices from 0.4 β‚¬ / unit. 

gold leaf details

The Gold Leaf details are hand applied in our studio with the utmost attention to details.
This can be added on either one of your stationery pieces, from the suite, envelopes or the day of stationery items.


Prices from 0.4 € / unit.Β 


envelope addressing

The Envelope Addressing option isΒ  the perfect way to finish your envelopes and have them ready to deliver to your guests.
The fonts used for the addressing are the same combination of fonts used for your suite so they will perfectly match your invitation and this way you will be able to keep the same style throughout your entire suite. Please note that the stamps are not included in this service!


Prices from 0.4 € / unit.Β